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Did you know we design rulers ? We do have two types : wooden rulers (maple , cherry or walnut ) or high-quality acrylic rulers . At first , we only had the wooden ones available for sale . They measure both in centimeters and in inches . We started creating a few for kids with pandas , ladybugs , robots , a penguin , a bear and more .

These artisan rulers are extremely well-made which makes them durable and undestructible . However their high prices (which is totally understandable because of the way they are made ) are not that great for a children oriented market .  We believe very few parents (if any) would spend this kind of money for their children school supplies . We will not retire them however as they may still be attractive for well-to-do families . However we will now focus on the newer ones : the acrylic rulers ! They come in two sizes : 6 inches (which are very easy to carry around as they will fit in a pencil pouch ) and 12 inches . Their price is really reasonable and affordable . We believe they are simply perfect ! They all have fun designs or patterns and can be personalized with a child or a person's name . Take a look at the one we have already :

The one with the cows can be purchased here . The other ones are in our main shop .

Anyway whichever you like best , both kind are great to use at school or at the office , because after all we (including children) all need to draw lines or do some measuring at some point . Enjoy !

Update : The wooden rulers have been discontinued for now . 

Hello ! Welcome to our brand new site and our very first blog post . Everything seems about ready to go , even the contact page . It just needs a few more touches to be offically launch . 

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