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Today our Redbubble shop is having a sale on wall art . You will be able to get 25% OFF the regular sale price on any posters or framed prints , simply by entering the coupon code WALL25 at chekout . It is the perfect oppotunity to add some art to your children's rooms or to your office .We do not have a big selection there yet , but we have some pretty colorful and fun pieces to choose from .




I love to draw animal characters . They are fun to create . Here are a few of my favorites :

This cat artist was inspired by my sweet kitty . She loves to steal my pencils or paintbrushes to play with . They are so much more fun than cat toys ! The ski jumping cow ... well I'm kind of obsessed with drawing little cows . People liked the first one ...so I just kept going . This one is practicing her ski jumping skills , because it was the winter sport season when I created her . The reading penguin ...because I love to read ...and I think it's nice to encourage children to read as well . Don't you think ? 


Those ones can be used to display in a work space . The cat sending kisses would look great in an animal shelter or group rescue office . Same for the woman stick figure walking her beagle . The pumpkin one can be hanged in any office or reception area . I was inspired in the fall ...with all those poor pumpkins being eaten !

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