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Original and colorful illustrations by ArianeC on print on demand products since 2009.

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How is it done ? How does it work?

I create colorful and original designs. I draw characters , animals , patterns or whatever comes to my mind .

I upload those designs on print on demand sites and then create all kind of products . They are then available for purchase worldwide .

You can choose what you like , customize it to your needs and buy it. They make original gifts .


Here , you will find personalized teachers gifts , as well as one of a kind teacher supplies . They are unique and different from what you would find on other online teachers stores .The best part is that  most of them can be easily customized to fit your own needs .

As a teacher you may be looking for supplies for your classroom . I design classroom posters , personalized teacher binders , custom postcards , classroom library stickers and a lot more .


Welcome back-to-school


Back-to-school items are one of my best-sellers .You can find matching postcards , stamps , buttons stickers and posters to help welcome your students at the beginning of the school year .I try to add a new design every year . To view individual products click on the desired link .

(1) Back-to-school postcards or cards .

(2) Stamps

(3) Welcome to my classroom posters.

(4) Back-to-school stickers .

(5) Back-to-school buttons .


iCraftCafe for the classroom


When going into a classroom , the "reading corner" has always been my favorite area . I love the imaginative way teachers and elementary school librarians are coming up with , to create their little peaceful reading area . I have been designing some products to help them decorate those cozy little spaces . You'll find :

(1) Reading posters

(2) Sweet colorful pillows

(3) Poufs with whimsical designs

(4) Mini bookmarks

(5) Reward buttons

(6) Reward stickers

(7) Classroom library stickers

(8)AR awards


There are a lot of other teacher products that I design , like personalized teacher binders , custom parent/teacher conference reminder cards , classroom mousepads , personalized post-it notes and notepads , etc . Here is a quick look at some of those products that are available :


Pink teacher owl binderLight pink owl teacher binderParent/teacher conference reminder postcard 4Owl with flowery eyes Teachers Note CardsCheerful hedgehog notepadLight pink owl w/green background Post-it Notes Post-it® NotesPersonalized teacher's desk nameplate with a clock





Looking for a teacher's gift for Christmas , for Teacher Appreciation Week , for the end of the school year or for a teacher who is retiring ? Look no further ! You came to the right place . Most of the products found here can be easily customized :)


Welcome to, my classroom ! Custom teacher Adult Apron
Pink owl teacher travel mug
Owl with flowery eyes wallet case phone wallet cases
Teacher Coffee Mugs
Light pink owl teacher custom cake pops
Pink owl teacher t-shirt t-shirts
Owl with flowery eyes teacher dipped Oreo treats Chocolate Dipped Oreo


Teachers Gifts Ideas
Teachers Gifts Ideas
by ArianeC


For even more teachers gifts ideas click here


I designed many different products for kids as well . It includes kids room accessories , kids t-shirts , kids fashion accessories (such as watches , wallets ,etc) , music accessories , etc



Here are a few example of the children room decorations I created : you can see throw pillows , light switch covers , lamps , nightlights , clocks , etc . They all have really fun and friendly designs . It is a great place to start if you are planning to redecorate your children rooms . For more ideas , click here .


Pillows are one of the most affordable kids room accessories . I have designed a wide variety of them. You can have some fun and mix and match them for  best results (just like I did in this example above ). You will find more square and round throw pillows , accent pillows and body pillows by clicking here . Have fun choosing them !

You will also find some interesting poufs and if you are a crafty person and like to make things yourself , you'll also find some matching fabrics .


This is the section where you will find what I call educational gifts . They are gifts that will not only be fun , but also will teach something to your kids . Have fun browsing :)



Kids watches are not only a fashion statement , they are also a fun way for children to learn how to read the time .

iCraftCafe kids watches


Click here to enter my Zazzle store and find a bigger selection .


A wallet will not only helps your child stay organized and prevent him or her to loose his/her money  , but also will teach children to manage their money .

iCraftCafe kids wallets


For more wallet choices , click here .


These guitar picks and drumsticks are great gifts for kids who are learning to play an instrument and may be a start of a great musician career :)

iCraftCafe Music Accessories


To look for a wider variety of guitar picks or drumsticks , click on the appropriate link .


If you are planning for a kids birthday party party , I design kids friendly party supplies . You will find paper plates with matching paper napkins , favor boxes , cake picks or the icing of birthday treats like brownies , cookies or dipped Oreo treats . If you are invited to a kid birthday party , you will find kid birthday cards , gift bags , ribbons and wrapping paper . Here is a picture to show you what I mean .

iCraftCafe kids birthday supplies


For a wider choice check out my Zazzle store .


I will update this section as we move from one Holiday to another . It is going to be pretty busy as we have many days to celebrate in the weeks to come : St-Patrick's Day , Easter , Earth Day , Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day .






To throw a kids St-Patrick's Day party you will need paper plates , paper napkins , treats , etc . Here are a few of those items I created for you . Take a look .





Looking for some unique St-Patrick's Day decorations ? Here you will find some throw pillows , mugs , etc . to match your festive Irish spirit .





Need help to finding a fun but yet stylish outfit to celebrate St-Patrick's Day ? Here are a few ideas that might help ...



If you are looking for any kind of school supplies , this is the place ! You will find anything your child' or yourself need for a successful year . And the best part is that you will be able to find them ALL YEAR LONG ! You need a new school bag or a new lunch box during the middle of the school year ? No problem ! It will always be here for you :)



You will find a wide variety of bags : regular school backpacks , cute drawstring backpacks or messenger bags . Choose what you need , choose what you like !

iCraftCafé school backpacks


iCraftCafe drawstring backpacks


iCraftCafé Messenger Bags



In this section , you will find fun and colorful lunch boxes , water bottles and even some thermos .All are here to provide a happy lunch experience for your children.


Let's start with some example of Yubo lunch boxes . They are easy to open and close and very easy to clean :)




For those of you who prefer lunch bags to lunch boxes , here are some amusing lunch bags.





Let's not forget about water bottle . Keep your child hydrated using those reusable water bottles . If you like a design , but not the color , no hassle > you can go ahead and change the color to the one you like . Available colors are white , black , red , orange , apple green , electric blue , blue and stainless steel . Some of them can even be personalized with your child's name , so they don't get lost !

Simple pink hearts kid personalized water bottle 18oz water bottleOwl with flowery eyes personalized water bottle 18oz water bottleDry flowers electric blue kid water bottle 18oz water bottleCat hiding behind pumpkins kid water bottle 18oz water bottleGirl catching a butterfly kid white water bottle 18oz water bottleReading ladybug kid reusable water bottle 18oz water bottle






And for cold winter days , you'll even find some adorable thermos bottles . Great for tea or soups . Enjoy !

Multiple hearts SIGG kid thermo bottle 10 Oz Insulated SIGG Thermos Water BottleCheerful hedgehog kid SIGG thermo bottle 10 Oz Insulated SIGG Thermos Water BottleSnowmen family kid SIGG persoanlized thermo bottle 10 Oz Insulated SIGG Thermos Water BottleChristmas candies SIGG kid thermo bottle 10 Oz Insulated SIGG Thermos Water BottleSki boy teal kid Sigg thermo bottle 10 Oz Insulated SIGG Thermos Water BottlePanda On a green background SIGG thermo bottle 10 Oz Insulated SIGG Thermos Water Bottle






Find anything your child or yourself need to use in the classroom . You'll find one of a kind clipboards , notebooks , pocket journals , school binders , pens and rulers . You can match them and have an entire set with the same design or choose completely different ones for fun . You also have the choice to personalize some of them . Make this school year a fun one :)






notebooks for kids



iCraftCafé's pocket journals



colorful school binders



Here is a fun selection of pens and rulers to choose from :) For the pens , you can choose the ink color (black , blue or red) as well as the trim color (black , blue , green , pink or red ) . For the rulers you can choose the type of wood : maple , raw cherry or walnut .












Chances are that sooner or later your child will be using some type of electronic device . I designed some cases and sleeves to help keep those products safe.




USB flash drive are great device to save work and store documents . It is small and can easily be carry from home to school and back . Here are some example of colorful flash drive I have designed .They all have a memory capacity of 8 , 16 , 32 or 64 GB . Choose the one you need .





Here you'll find a some mousepads and wireless mouse . The wireless mouse are a new product ...so there are not these many yet . But I will work on adding more choices .


Mousepads & wireless mouse


Look at mousepads.

Look at wireless mouse.




Here are some skins for your laptops .They are from my Society 6 and Redbubble shops.


Laptop Skins from Society 6


Laptop skins from Redbubble




iPad cases , iPad sleeves and iPad Air cases are a great way to protect your iPad and to give it a personality .




iCraftCafé's Kindle Cases




And of , course ,electronic accessories would not be complete without iPhone accessories . Here you can look for iPhone cases , iPhone wallet cases or iPhone pouches . Whatever you prefer .You can also find other smartphone accessories .






This fashion section will show you other kind of products I create . As you'll see , you'll find t-shirts , bags , keychains , scarves , pencil skirts , ties and so much more . Feel free to take a look .



Women T-shirts.


Find some stylish hoodies , 3/4 raglans tees (or baseball t-shirts) , regular t-shirts or tank tops for summer .



Men T-shirts.


I have a small selection of t-shirts for men . Here are my most popular ones .



Kids T-shirts.


I create t-shirts for kids of any age : starting from babies and toddlers t-shirts and dresses to odler children. I try to make them as fun as possible .




You will find a wide selection of bags . For backpack , drawstrings and messenger bags , please looks under school bags . Here you will find reusable grocery bags , stylish BAGGU duck bags and print all over tote bags .




Over the years I have created a lot of keychains . They are comming in as many shape and size as you can imagine . From simple button or acrylic keychains to metallic and premium keychains . I also recently started designing wrist keychains . They are a lot of fun and can be personalized with your name .




I have just started designing some colorful scarves and pencils skirts . I am hoping to see the selection of those new products grow in the following months .Here is what I have available so far .


iCraftCafé scarves


iCraftCafé bandanas


iCraftCafé pencil skirts



Ties and cufflinks can make wonderful gifts for men . Say goodbye to boring style and designs . I have a unique style of ties and cufflinks that make them fun to wear .Enjoy !


iCraftCafé ties


iCraftCafé cufflinks




iCraftCafé colorful belt buckkles


iCraftCafé belts




I create some stylish , unique and colorful jewelry , like necklaces , earrings , rings and charm bracelets. They are designed for everyday life , to match your mood and to have fun . Enjoy :)






Are you the active kind of person ? Doing some sport? Here are a few products that may interest you. They include gym bags , tank tops and t-shirts and hair accessories .


iCraftCafé' Fitness Accessories



One of the newest products I have been designing are custom car air fresheners and they are fast coming a best sellers . Of course they all have my fun and colorful illustrations . They come in different shapes: rectangle (portrait or landscape) , square or heart . There are several scents which includes : new car , cucumber and fresh mint , black ice , emerald sea and island breeze . Simply choose your favorite :)


iCraftCafé car air freshener





I have recently started added new baby products . They include pacifiers , bibs , burp cloth , infant hat , baby clothing , etc. Most of them have cute animal cartoon on them . They make great gift for new parents . I hope you'll find something you like .


iCraftCafé cat baby apparel


iCraftCafé little Swiss cow baby apparel





This section will come very soon ...Thank you for your patience .


This section of iCraftCafé is intended for Art Representatives and Art Directors. It is a place for you to discover my illustrations . Most of them are found on POD products . I love to draw with color pencils and paint with watercolor or acrylic paints . Enjoy :)


If you would like to get in touch with me , please feel free to use the form on the contact page . Thank you !










All images are protected by copyright laws and cannot be used without the written consent of the artist . Thank you !

Hi my name is ArianeC and I live in sunny San Diego county . I am the illustrator behind all the products you can find here at iCraftCafé and behind all the art lessons at iCraftCaféStudio . After working as a substitute teacher and as an art docent in elementary school I decided to pursue my real passion . I am a self-taught artist and it has been so far a very rewarding adventure . I have designed thousands of products on POD sites . I have also created this website from scratch , under my kid's insitence , so it is easier for people to find my illustrations , my products and the kids free art lessons .

I am legally registered in San Diego county to do business under the name ICRAFTCAFE.

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